Online medical English translation course to Spanish

Translation and medicine, two priori categorically different disciplines, are related irretrievably and share a link that currently exists and has existed forever, because only the language makes possible the transmission of the medical progress. So much so that there is no doubt that the medicine and their language they would not be as they are now of not having the centuries of translator tradition behind him that have left after themselves a great background and have served as guide and support to scientific knowledge.

It is today, perhaps more than ever, when the broadcaster and transmitting function of medical translation is more tangible. And it is that human beings already has media to allow this exchange of information immediately worldwide. The translation should meet the demand of an increasingly international society and to take to bring specialized knowledge globally useful and helpful way. Therefore, the translation of medical texts is an essential activity for the development of communication and medical knowledge in all its aspects: dissemination, training and research…

Translation of medical texts demand is high, and are multiple potential clients or claimants of this type of translation; as, for example, international organizations, publishing, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, groups of research, etc. For a long time have been commissioned this translation specialty health professionals with knowledge of languages. This situation has been fueled by the absence of specific training centers of translation. This trend is slowly changing and more and more are the possibilities that offers the student of translation or the professional translator wishing to specialise in this exciting branch. Currently there are few professionals with a specialized training in medical translation, that is emerging as one of the most fruitful in terms of labour.

So, if you interested in the field, are waiting to begin to specialize? In the online course «specialization in medical translation in > is» you will receive quality training to start your career in the translation of medical texts thanks to an intensive work for 12 weeks rhythm in which the practice is more variable. More than 15 practical exercises based on actual orders of more than 15 exercises of editorial and translation, documentation, reflection and specialized terminology search intends to train you as a professional in the sector of medical translation . You will know first hand the different textual genres most requested translation as informative texts, research, summaries or abstracts, as well as patient information texts and documentation of medical manuals Specialized. You have total flexibility in schedules to develop your learning; but you will not be alone, because you can come into contact with people with concerns, goals, doubts and needs similar to yours. And, of course, you will have a tutor (Reyes Albarrán, specialist in medical translation) that will accompany you, guide you and advise throughout the entire course, providing academic, pedagogical and technological support.